Technical SEO implementations

Technical SEO implementations on this website.

The following technical features are implemented within this CMS in order to comply with all (read: most) Google guidelines:

  • PWA caching
    • service worker be found on service-worker.js
    • activated in footer
  • AMP option per page
  • gzip compression
  • htaccess
    • friendly non-.php URLs
    • https 301 redirect
    • non-www redirect
  • meta tags
    • title, description, viewport, content, charset, theme color, manifest
  • canonicals for duplicate content
  • robots
    • robots.txt (admin, sitemap, category, disclaimer etc.)
    • noindex, follow for category pages
    • metanoindex, nofollow for admin section
  • only content pages and homepage are indexed
  • sitemap - only single pages and homepage
  • viewport max-scale 5 (pingdom recommendation)
  • screen reader accessibility with aria-labels
  • structured data for articles
  • W3 validator check (in progress)

Progressive Web Apps and service workers

This website is running a service worker in the background for several reasons. Firstly, a dedicated page (/offline.html) is cached and accessible even when no internet connection is available. Secondly, by following all guidelines a score of 100 is given in the Lighthouse test. This may or may not be a ranking factor and may or may not trigger a pop up to be installed on your desktop/homescreen.

PWA lighthouse test results

AMP option per page

For each individual page AMP can be enabled or disabled. When enabled, a new AMP version of the page is created and a AMP canonical tag is created on the main page. Instead of automatically converting the contents of the main page you can manually enter customized AMP content.

PWA lighthouse test results